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Amazing Features

Profit Sharing

DECS holders are shareholders who benefit from revenue sharing on Daily-Basis along with Dividends paid on Quarterly-Basis.


DAREX is a Hybrid Digital Assets Exchange, offering utility tokens in addition to asset backed security tokens.


DAREX is 100% owned by the community through holding Darico Exchange Community Shares DECS which will be airdropped to DEC holders prior to the launch

Transparent & Audited

We pride ourselves with a transparent business model therefore, we will work with a renowned auditing firm to publish quarterly reports based on international standards used in conventional financial sector.


Top notch security system monitoring the Exchange's activity around the clock, along with a fail-proof Cold Storage designed to keep the funds safe and accessible at all times.

Fast & Reliable

Low-latency transactions means that you will never get any input lag while placing an order. This mechanism is designed to make sure that your trades are executed in a flash.