Darico Ecosystem FAQ

What products are under the Darico Ecosystem?

The Darico Ecosystem is made up of 5 products as following

  1. Gnius (Darico Wallet) www.gnius.io
  2. Nyus (Darico Terminal) www.nyus.io
  3. DAREX (Darico Exchange) www.darex.io
  4. DePay (Darico Debit Card) www.depay.io
  5. CHawk (Darico Index Fund) www.chawk.io

What is the native token of the Darico Ecosystem?

The Darico Ecosystem runs Darico Ecosystem Coin (DEC), an ERC-20 Ethereum based Utility Token.

What is the reason to have a Darico Ecosystem of multiple products?

Because all products operate under the Darico Ecosystem, this enables us to interlink and integrate each product to one another, opening a whole new level of different possibilites that otherwise might not be possible.

Gnius FAQ

How can I register to use the Wallet?

The accounts in the Darico Ecosystem are universal you can simply register through the website, wallet, or terminal and use the same credentials on all the platforms (except for DAREX).

Can I use the wallet as guest everytime?

Yes, however, to preserve the data you will need to store the guest token somewhere safe. It is recommended that you register a username and password so that you can have the same credentials for all of the Darico Ecosystem products (except DAREX).

Is there anything else I can do with the wallet?

Yes! It is not just a normal wallet, Gnius is a place to store, send / receive, and also trade cryptocurrencies. The ability to exchange from one crypto to the other opens a new dimension of features that can asisst users in achieving their goals with ease.

Nyus FAQ

How can I register to use the Terminal?

The accounts in the Darico Ecosystem are universal you can simply register through the website, wallet, or terminal and use the same credentials on all the platforms (except for DAREX).

What can I do with the Terminal?

Nyus is a complete trading and investment HUB that provides you with all the information, latest news, prices, updates, and real-time data related to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. In addition to this, Nyus has a built in integration with different top-notch exchanges that allows you to trade directly from the Terminal enabling quick trades and arbitrage trading.

Can I monitor my assets on the Terminal?

Yes, the Terminal is interlinked to the wallet in order to enable you to have a complete watchlist and control over your assets. Monitoring the price changes, growth, and other important elements of portfolio management.

Darex FAQ

How can I register to use the DAREX?

The account that is related to DAREX is seperate from the Darico Ecosystem because there are some extra steps to be taken. You can register on DAREX directly through the exchange platform.

What is so unique about DAREX?

World's first fully community-owned, hybrid digital assets exchange. All DAREX Shares (DECS) holders are shareholders in the exchange.

What is Darico Exchange Community Shares?

DECS, will be ST-20 secuirty tokens that grant its holders the ability to become shareholders in DAREX, giving them the right to vote on different aspects in the exchange, along with the right to receive profits on Daily Basis and IFRS-Audited Quartetly Dividends. DECS can be purchased straight from DAREX through the DEC / DECS pair.

What is Darico Exchange Community Rewards?

DECR, will be an ERC-20 utility token that is generated from 5% of all the trading fees on DAREX. The more you trade the more DECR you will recieve which can be used an entry tickets to Jackpots, Raffles, Prize Draws, and other major rewards on DAREX. All of the raffles are controlled through a smart contract for automation and transparency reasons. DECR that enter the smart contract are burned and replenshied by new supply in order to keep the supply stable. DECR can be purchased and sold directly from DAREX through DECR / DEC pair.


How does the process work?

DePay is integrated into Gnius (Darico Wallet) and DAREX (Darico Exchange), when you integrate the Debit Card into these platforms you will be able to top up the amount of digital asset like DEC into the card. When spending, an automatic behind the scene process will trigger to allow the exchange between the base digital asset and fiat on spot. Then the fiat amount is deducted by the POS system.

How can I access DePay?

You can access your Debit Card through Gnius (Darico's Wallet) and DAREX (Darico's Exchange) in order to top-up the card and start using it in your day-to-day spending.


How many assets are in the CHawk Index Fund?

The fund is split into three main diversified portfolios of which the risk level differs. However, all portfolios are made of up-to 10 digital assets that are rebalanced and structured on regular basis by our financial analyst team.

What are the portfolio called and their risk levels?

  1. Absolute Beta = High Risk / High Reward
  2. Dynamic Beta = Medium Risk / Medium Reward
  3. Absolute Alpha = Low Risk / Low Reward