Darico is launching a Global Ambassador program and actively looking to acquire talent for the following position:

Position available: Project Ambassador

Delivery: Remote

Preferred country: Singapore, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Japan.

Job description:

  1. Get acquainted with the project, products of DARICO and believe in our long-term vision.
  2. Hosting & Attending meetups in the area where he/she resides and operates, on behalf of Darico.
  3. In case of possible investors, pitch them the project’s values and benefits. Escalate cases where necessary to the Management.
  4. Talk to communities about our products, spread awareness, try to get new product users on board, involve in Social Media posts, blogs and on the other side also provide material for Social media Campaigns (pictures in meetups, pitch elevator speech etc).
  5. Attend biweekly calls with a representative of Darico Team in order to be updated on the current situation and development of the project and have a 101 on next steps included in his/her role.
  6. Connect with possible partners and develop a strong network of acquaintances for Darico in the region.
  7. More tasks can be added with time, in correct proportion of the timing and effort spent in the project.

Ideal candidate:

  • A dynamic, energetic individual who aligns with our vision and believes in the project.
  • Passionate about Crypto/Blockchain industry, friendly and easy-going, socially involved in communities.
  • Proven experience on the Crypto/Blockchain industry
  • Fluent in English & the language of the country he/she will represent Darico in.

Offer proposal:

Probation period of successful candidates: 3 months

Stage 1 – Payment in DEC tokens on a monthly basis. This will be payment for the probation period of 3 months. The exact amount will be discussed privately.

We find it fair that parties evaluate each other in a probation period of 3 months and see if the collaboration is satisfactory for both. In case probation period is successfully passed, Stage 2 payment terms take place. We might even consider an official PT or FT position inside the company.

Stage 2 - Combined offer in $ and DEC.

How to apply:

  • Send your CV/ detailed LinkedIn profile to the mail address:
  • Contact directly Loredana Manushaqa, the Chief of Business Development in Telegram: @Loredana_M

There will be an NDA signed for the chosen candidates and interviews scheduled via phone only for the candidates that are eligible.


Please get acquainted with the Project’s vision and take some time to do proper due diligence research before applying, we appreciate your time as much as ours and in case you find the project to your liking and you think you can grow beside us, please apply.

Useful links of the Darico project:

Website: (Entire project) & (Exchange)

Whitepaper of the project: (We are updating it)

Medium article on Darex:

Medium article on DECS (the tokenized shares of the company): user-story-and-t-cs-36dc9cf6ed1d

Cointelegraph article on Darex: exchange-will-be-100-percent-owned-by-users

Thanks and Good luck!