Darico Debit Card

Instant Access To Your Tokens For Easier Crypto Transactions

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Why Darico Debit Card?

The Darico debit card enables you to make crypto transactions whenever, wherever, allowing you to start spending your cryptocurrency.

Seamlessly Linked With The Darico Wallet

The Darico debit card is seamlessly linked with the Darico Wallet, allowing you to access your DEC tokens when out & about, bringing together the digital and physical world.

Have Access To A Range Of Crypto Coins

Not just restricted to DEC tokens, the Darico debit card will be linked to BTC, ERC20 and more, so that you can access and spend all of your cryptocurrencies whenever you need.

Use The Debit Card Everywhere

The Darico debit card will enable you to easily switch any of your crypto tokens with fiat currency when you need to, allowing you to make quick and simple transactions in the online and physical world.

Join The Darico Ecosystem

The Darico debit card is part of the Darico ecosystem, an ecosystem of products designed to make crypto trading easier.

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Darico Roadmap

Darico providing access to simpler & easier crypto trading investment

Q4 2016

Darico Concept

Q2 - Q4 2017

Darico Ecosystem
And Development

Q3 2017

Darico AG Incorporated
in Zug, Switzerland

Q4 2017

Pre-ICO Launch
Raised $2 Million

Q4 2017

Darico limited incorporated
in Gibraltar

Q1 2018

Launch of DEC
Token Sale

Q1 2018

Launch of Gnius,
the Darico wallet

Q2 2018

Launch of Nyus,
the Darico Terminal

Q4 2018

Launch of DarEX,
the Darico exchange

Q1/Q2 2019

Launch of DePay,
the Darico debit card

Q1-Q2 2019

Launch of CHawk, the Darico Index Fund

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to drop us a message at darico.io/en/ if you don’t find your answer here

How does the process work?

DePay is integrated into Gnius (Darico Wallet) and DAREX (Darico Exchange), when you integrate the Debit Card into these platforms you will be able to top up the amount of digital asset like DEC into the card. When spending, an automatic behind the scene process will trigger to allow the exchange between the base digital asset and fiat on spot. Then the fiat amount is deducted by the POS system.

How can I access DePay?

You can access your Debit Card through Gnius (Darico's Wallet) and DAREX (Darico's Exchange) in order to top-up the card and start using it in your day-to-day spending.

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